Learning through Play

A child is a whole being with physical, social, emotional, language, and cognitive
needs. It is imperative for us, as early childhood development practitioners to meet the
needs of the children. It is through play that children learn about the world around
them. Regardless of race, culture, and traditions, all children seek to play.

At Spongy Beings facility we make sure play is child -chosen, child invented, and that
play focuses on the doing, not the end product. Indirectly, through play the child
practices balance, locomotion, and manipulation skills(physical development).
Cognitive and language development-children develop an understanding of abstract
concepts, the child learns to create order in his mind, they experiment and develop
problem-solving skills through play. As children interact with others they try out new
words and strengthen their vocabulary and communication skills.

One of the valuable outcomes of play to a child is the development of social
intelligence: being able to look at matters from different perspectives, solve disputes,
building trust in oneself and others, and the ability to express feelings of
disappointment, anger, frustration and sympathy.

It is important for the child to develop these skills during his/her early years of life. We,
at Spongy Beings, offer opportunities that inspire awareness of self-identification and
self-concept. Opportunities that encourage social cohesion, awareness of society’s
rules, and individual responsibility with a group, instill respect for others, the
environment, and the property of other peers.

It is with this in mind that we build our curriculum, spiritually prepare ourselves, design
our classrooms and set up our environment.


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“What we see changes what we know. What we know changeswhat we see.” “Each time one prematurely teaches a childsomething he could have discovered himself, that child is keptfrom inventing it and consequently from understanding itcompletely.” “Play is the answer to how anything new comesabout.”
– Jean Piaget